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Sandals South Coast | Jamaica | A Photographic Resort Tour


Sandals South Coast | Jamaica

A Photographic Resort Tour

The Grounds:

The beach at Sandals South Coast in Jamaica has a gorgeous and huge stretch of beach! One of my favorite parts of the resort was the Over-Water Bar, which has hammocks around the outside edges of the dock. Another unique touch for Sandals South Coast was the Peacocks that were able to call the resort their home!

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Pretty self explanatory, but the pools at Sandals South Coast go above and beyond. Actually, the pools at all Sandals Resorts go above and beyond!



Sandals South Coast has one of the most beautiful Spas that I have ever seen! The Spa has many private rooms for services, or you can choose to have a massage on the beach. While Spa services are at an additional cost, the Red Lane Spa is open and free for Sandals guests to come in and relax, use the sauna, and the plunge pools.



We only spent one night at Sandals South Coast, so I cannot give a full restaurant review. However, as always, the Italian restaurant on site was outstanding!



Sandals South Coast is a newly remodeled resort, so all of the rooms (no matter the category you select) will be modern and top-notch!



If you are ever interested in having a destination wedding, any Sandals Resort is a fabulous solution! Weddings at Sandals are absolutely free! Sandals South Coast offers one of the first Over-Water Wedding Chapels!


Thanks for reading and viewing my photographic tour of Sandals South Coast! I know I didn’t share quite as much information as normal; but since we only stayed at this resort for one night, I don’t have as much personal testimony! It is (obviously) a beautiful resort though!

As always, let me know if you have any questions about myself, travels, or Sandals Resorts!

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  1. Where are the people? I’m trying to gauge how crowded the resorts are, but every photo has no people.

    1. I took all of these photos at like 6 am so I wouldn’t get people in them. Lol I’ve never felt overly crowded at any Sandals Resort.

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