Meet Katie

I want to pray for you!

Instead of writing for likes and followers, my main focus now is using the gift that God has given me through writing to bless and encourage others! Fill out a Prayer Request here and I promise to pray over your life and send you a hand written prayer and word of encouragement in the mail. 


This blog used to be about me, about my life, about “things” I had and “things” I did. But over time, God taught me that when I make it all about me, I’m going to fail. So after 3 years of silence, I’m starting over – but this time it’s not about me. It’s about God. It’s about loving others. It’s about connecting faith and mental health. It’s about reminding you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Life isn’t actually anything like what we see online. It’s hard. It’s not always pretty. It’s not picture perfect. Mental health is very real. I’ve battled depression and anxiety. I’ve battled pride. I’ve battled feeling worthless and purposeless. I’ve suffered loss. I’ve felt alone. I battle with ADHD every day. My entire world was turned upside down. I became a mom to 2 kids without ever giving birth after I ran away from my old life telling God that I didn’t want to ever be a mom. And there is only one thing that has CONTINUALLY brought me back to life… God’s Word.

I thought I was writing my own perfect little life. But God let me burn my life to the ground so he could help rebuild it in a way that could only point back to Him. A life that is so much better than I could have ever written for myself.

Life got much better when I stopped asking “How can this serve me?” and started asking “How can I serve others?”

I’m still a very broken person. I am not here to pretend that life is perfect or that I have it all figured out. But I have a very real God & Father who never fails me when I surrender my mess and turn my focus to Him.