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What to do with 3 Days in Las Vegas

We included Death Valley, Vegas, and The Grand Canyon in our 3 days in the city. So here is my take on what to do with 3 Days in Las Vegas!

What to do with 3 Days in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is usually loved or hated by visitors. For me, even though I didn’t spend a ton of time in the city – I loved it for what it was! I stayed three nights at the MGM Grand Signature and when we checked-in we were offered a suite on the highest level for only like $100 more so we took it!!

As most Vegas Hotels, each resort is HUGE. So with that said, we never even left the MGM to explore other hotels because MGM had absolutely everything we needed right there. We included Death Valley, Vegas, and The Grand Canyon in our 3 days in the city. So here is my take on what to do with 3 Days in Las Vegas. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Day 1: Death Valley

We were actually traveling from Sequoia National Park the day before. So we drove 2 hours from Sequoia and spent the night in Bakersfield, Ca at The Padre Hotel in order to get closer for less of a drive on our first “Vegas” day. From Bakersfield to the beginning of Death Valley is around a 4 hour drive.

We took the entire first day of the Vegas portion of our road trip to explore Death Valley. I recommend allowing at least 4 hours, and even up to 6 or more hours for exploring various roads and regions of death valley.

What is there to do or see in Death Valley you might ask? Actually quite a lot! It was one of my favorite days of our 8 day trip but it was one of the most unique. We visited in the heat of July and the highest temperature we noticed that day was 116 degrees. Water, sunscreen, and hats were essential. However, we didn’t stay outside very long at any location. We drove from place to place and got out to admire different views and take some photos!

Death Valley is around a 2 and a half hours from Vegas, so whenever you plan on being done in the Death Valley area – just know that’s your drive time to the city. I am attaching a map below to show you just how I mapped out where I wanted to go, in what order, and the total time it was going to take to drive it. The name of each “site” that I visited in Death Valley is listed on the left hand side of the map!

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 2.44.43 PM

Day 2: Trip to the Grand Canyon with One Day Tours

I partnered with One Day Tours to showcase their Grand Canyon West Rim Tour that also includes a stop at Hoover Dam! They will pick you up at your Vegas hotel in a comfortable, luxury vehicle and drive you to Hoover Dam and then to the Grand Canyon and back.

This does not include a tour of Hoover Dam, but you do get to see it a lot of the dam from the outside and from new the bridge that overlooks it. While in the vehicle, our tour guide from One Day Tours was funny and informative. He made sure that everyone was comfortable and offered water and drinks at each stop.

Once at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, you have around 3-4 hours to explore the varies locations on your own (which are accessible by a complimentary bus that goes between each one).

Day 3: A Day in Vegas

This was the last full day of our 8 day Road Trip. So needless to say, we were exhausted. We spent our only day in Vegas laying by the pool at the MGM Signature. Some relaxation is jus what we needed and the pool and experience were both top notch.

Each night we had dinner at a different restaurant within the MGM Grand and spent sometime playing our luck at a variety of games in the Casino. I am not a very experienced gambler by any means, but I will try a few things out just for fun. I love blackjack, but I get to anxious at the tables. So what I found that was perfect for me is that most of the bars have computer screens with virtual games built into the bars themselves. So I would simply sit at the bar and play blackjack that way.

And by the third night, I finally found the secret to getting free drinks. Because if you aren’t a table player, it isn’t as easy as it used to be. I’ll share my secret in a future blog post – so stay on the lookout for that! 😉

We included Death Valley, Vegas, and The Grand Canyon in our 3 days in the city. So here is my take on what to do with 3 Days in Las Vegas!


I would love to go back on a girls trip and spend more time by the pool and exploring the different hotels by night. You can plan a Vegas trip pretty cheap usually… but the drinks get expensive if you don’t make a plan to buy your own bottles sometimes or figure out a free drink strategy. But if you have any questions about anything, please reach out! Follow along on Facebook or Instagram for more adventures. Thanks for reading “What to do with 3 Days in Las Vegas” and have a beautiful day!

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