Affordable Designer Bags | How I bought my first Louis Vuitton

Affordable Designer Bags

How I bought my first Louis Vuitton:

I purchased my first authentic vintage Louis Vuitton bag in June, for $350. How did I manage such a snag? The oldest trick in the book… ebay! Somehow over the years, I think that ebay started to get a bad name. And for a long time, I thought ebay was just about bidding and scams. But, it’s actually pretty straight forward. Plus, with the “buy it now” option it’s easier than ever! ebay is definitely the best way to get affordable designer bags!


My purchases & Tips

I bought a Tory Burch tote for via the “buy it now option.” And as for bidding, I did bid on a few bags, including my Louis Vuitton – and it was actually really easy.


  • I recommend downloading the ebay app if your are serious about bidding.
  • But I also recommend doing all of your research on a desktop before bidding.
  • Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and read the seller’s description.
  • Go through all of the posted photos to check from tears or damages
  • Go with your gut and use common sense, because there are plenty of people trying to sell non-authentic items.
  • If it sounds overly commercialized, it’s likely a fake.


Current Louis Vuitton Bags for Sale:

  1. Bidding at $299
  2. Bidding at $100, Buy it now at $380
  3. Buy it now at $248
  4. Duffel bidding for $145

I hope this helps and at least gets you started on finding the bag of your dreams! Finding affordable designer bags is possible. There are tons of fabulous, gently-used bags out there… All you have to do is look.

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