How I’ve Gotten Over $400s Worth of Free Items From Ulta Beauty

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What’s in my Travel Bag?

When packing for any type of trip, I always have a stash of travel size toiletries on hand. I have about 5 gallon sized zip lock bags FULL of travel size goodies. Items range from shampoos and conditioners, hair spray and styling products, toothpaste, face wash, moisturizers, lotions, body wash, etc. What is my secret? I’ll explain below.

My personal travel size toiletries packing list always includes:

  1. Facial items:
    1. face wash
    2. make up wipes
    3. toner
    4. serum
    5. moisturizer
    6. night cream
  2. Hair items:
    1. hair serum
    2. shampoo/conditioner
    3. hair mousse
    4. hair spray
  3. Other personal items:
    1. deodorant
    2. tooth paste
    3. body wash
    4. lotion

How I get Free Travel Size Toiletries:

I purchase all of my beauty/personal items from Ulta Beauty. They have an excellent rewards program that I highly recommend you join! You gain points for every purchase, they quickly build and become like cash to spend in store or online.

Unless there is a special going on, you get free shipping when you spend $50. So, I treat my “cart” like my list of things I need/want. Over time, I keep adding to my cart until I reach $50 – and then I wait.

I watch my e-mail (so you need to sign up and receive their e-mail promotions) and I wait until they send out a flash deal or what they call a “beauty break”. This is almost always some bundle of travel sized goodies that come free with a $50 or $60 purchase – and I’m already going to be spending the $50, so I’m good!

How I’ve gotten over $400 worth of Free stuff:

Back to the points program (see above) – They will also send out e-mails that allow you to get 2x, 3x, and sometimes even 5x the amount of points during a certain period or on certain brands. Those help you rack up points. I’ve redeemed $125 worth of FREE stuff THREE DIFFERENT TIMES over the last year and a half. Plus, the points are redeemable at any time, on anything, on any brand – no exlusions – no minimum purchase! This is truly one of the best points programs out there!

Hopefully I’ve helped you in some way! Let me know if you have any other questions about packing, traveling, or the Ulta Beauty rewards program! Much love!

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  1. I have an ultra rewards account but clearly I have not been taking advantage of it the way I should. Thanks for the tips!

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