How I turned half of my Office into my Dream Closet + DYI chalk board wall

DIY chalk board + walk-in closet

I’m not sure if it’s the “new years” fresh feeling or just seeing so many pretty interiors on social media posts, but I thought to myself: I have the space, why don’t I use it? So out of it came a DIY walk in closet and chalk board wall!


I have had this room as my “office” ever since I moved in 3 years ago. I’ve always had it painted the pretty bright colors you see in the photos. I technically designed it to be a craft room, but I never really used it. I mostly used it for storing random things that I didn’t know what to do with.

The Office half:

Obviously, I need a desk in an office. This is the same basic desk that I have had since college. It is small, but gets the job done.


The chalk board wall:

I thin that the chalk board wall is what makes this room look so neat and different. You can find chalkboard paint at hardware stores or here is the kind I used at Target. Buy it today and have it shipped to your door for your next project! It is super easy to use; simply paint it on like normal. Then, I got some basic “chair rail” like you use for bordering a wall at Lowe’s to make it like it has a frame around it.

I am currently using the office part of the room for a creative space to work on blogging; so, it seemed fitting to write my social media content on the board.


I love the two very different colors together in this room. The contrast is so appealing. (Ignore my semi dirty air vent, whoops)


While I did get rid of A LOT of junk from my teenage and college years that I don’t need anymore, I still have some random things that I couldn’t throw away, but I don’t use very often. So, I put all of that stuff on the book shelf or the storage bins shown below.


The Closet Half:

It’s every girls dream to have a giant walk in closet. And while mine is not a true closet, it still feels pretty freakin’ awesome. Disclaimer: I still have to use my actual closet in my bedroom to store things like dresses, cardigans, and jeans. However, that closet is way less stuffed now.

I already had this big wooden table that I didn’t use, other than to store clutter on. So, since I was trying to go with the closet theme, I thought, why not display all of my jewelry. I love jewelry and am starting to make myself “accessorize” more. However, if I don’t see it and think about it in the mornings, I will forget to put it on. This way, it will be very visual and make me remember to use it!


I added the bucket chair to make it feel more inviting and homey.

Then, I added the sparkly, fringe pillow (here is another option from target: pillow) for texture and to make the chair more  comfortable.

Lastly, I added the fur rug for  a more modern look, plus to add color to the floor.


OK, so what we have all been waiting for: THE ACTUAL CLOSET PART. I have three utility shelves (cheap, from target) stacked and nailed to the wall. I linked the EXACT ones that I have. If you don’t get the ones I have, make sure you get the kind where you can hang clothes hangers from them.

I hung all of my shirts from the top shelf. The middle shelf helps to push them forward, so I can actually see all of them when I am standing in front of the area (Keep scrolling to the picture after the next one to see what I mean). This is what I love the most about this concept. I don’t have to dig around in my closet to see what is actually in it.

I used the third shelf for some folded sweaters and pants. Then I added a few pairs of shoes to the bottom to de-clutter my bedroom closet.


The second shelf can still be used for things that you might want to hide. I haven’t decided what I am going to put back there yet.


And there you have it! I feel so uplifted and excited when I walk into this room! Let me know what you think!




Even if you don’t have a whole room in your house to devote to this, you could just do a chalkboard wall in your room or kitchen, or a “closet wall” in your bedroom. Be creative 🙂

Share you favorite organization tips below!

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