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The Largest Wine & Beer Valley in VA!

VA winery and brewery itinerary:


Day 1:

We set off on yet another adventure heading towards a land filled with wineries, breweries, distilleries, mountains, nature, and beauty. We were going to the Charlottesville area of VA. There are at least 30 different wineries, breweries, and/or distilleries in this area. Many of them stretch across the VA road named 151.

We only had one night to stay on this trip, so we tried to see as much as we could in a short amount of time. We stayed at a Holiday Inn in Charlottesville, VA and it was very pleasant.

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To start,

We took an uber from the hotel to Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co. They make a very large variety of craft beer. I have always been a fan of this brewery. We had drinks and lunch there. We all got the mac and cheese entrée’ and it was delicious. Who doesn’t like eating like a big kid sometimes? LOL.

Devil’s Backbone has a very large property and has some beautiful outdoor seating ares. However, it was freezing on this trip, so we did not use those on this trip.


A few things you should know before coming to this area:

  1. There is basically zero cell phone service, so make sure you connect to wifi when possible.
  2. Planning to Uber from place to place is not smart. We got lucky in getting an Uber from our hotel and back to our hotel at the end of the afternoon. However, the area where the wineries/breweries are is about 25 minutes from the city of Charlottesville, making it either impossible to get an Uber to take you up the road or making it super expensive because they are going to have to come from that area.

With that said, thankfully, we had someone with us who was willing to drive. Shout out to Meagan!

However, when Uber does work, it is the best thing ever invented! If you haven’t signed up for Uber yet, use code kaiec7ui to get your first ride free!


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Next, we made our way to Bold Rock Hard Cider.

This is another very pretty location. They have a lot of room inside their building. You can do tasting or buy a flight or a glass. Their cider is very good. However, my palette has grown to not be able to handle things that are extremely sweet.


Next, we stopped by a winery.

I honestly don’t remember 100% what the name was, because we didn’t actually stay there due to finding out that all of their wine was very sweet. It was something similar to “Berry Top”? So if you like sweet wine, I am sure it will come up if you Google “Berry Top Winery VA” I would, but I already have to fight with my internet to work! LOL sorry!


Lastly, we stopped at Flying Fox Winery.

They had a good selection of dry wine and they made their own Vermouth. I was NOT a fan of the vermouth, but I will admit that I know nothing about what is considered a good or bad vermouth. This was a small, quaint winery. However, the inside was gorgeous and they had a nice fire going.


Next, we uber’ed back to our Hotel to regroup.

When we got there, we decided to sit and relax at the Hotel Bar. This was a very nice hotel bar and the staff was very friendly! We sat and talked and laughed A LOT while making some friends at the bar.


We ate dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse. 

This was one of the highlight of the trip for me. Their food and their drinks were DELICIOUS. I highly recommend stopping by here if you are ever in the area.


Day 2: We had to make our way back home.

Yet, this day ended up being the day for better finds in my opinion. We got ready for the day and went down for breakfast at the hotel. The breakfast was phenomenal and they had some of the best coffee I have ever had.


After sitting and enjoying the morning (and about 7 cups of coffee…they were tiny cups) We checked-out and hit the road. However, with me, hitting the road never means a straight shot with no stops. I am always on the lookout for places that look interesting to stop and enjoy the moment. Which leads me to winery number one of the day:


We first stopped at Septenary: The Winery at Seven Oaks Farm.

The name refers to anything dealing with the number seven. They had to pick that, because they couldn’t simply name the place Seven Oaks, due to copy right problems.

I am telling you now, this place is expensive, BUT, if you never go to another winery in VA in your life, go to this one.

This was in the top 3 wineries that I have ever been to, and I have been to probably 40 different ones. We were able to do our tasting sitting down by the fireplace. ALL of the wines were exceptional. Even my aunt who doesn’t love red wine was very impressed with these wines.


I was sad to see that tasting end.

This was the only winery that I actually bought a bottle to take home with me on this trip.


Veritas Vineyards was another beautiful winery venue.

It would be beautiful to sit at enjoy the outdoors in the summer. We simply did a quick tasting at the bar, because we were starting to get pressed for time. However, like I said, I would enjoy coming back here on a nice day!

Check out the LOVE sign in the next picture. It was made by the VA board of tourism out of 3,200 different wine corks!!


Another place that I have been to before that I highly recommend in the area is The Virginia Distillery. This is a very elegant place and they make some of the best Scotch Whiskey that I have ever had.


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I am thankful for another opportunity to venture out and see more of this beautiful world that we live in!

I thank God for the beauty and variety that this world offers us! Please comment or reach out if you have any questions or comments about the area! If you have any suggestions on fun places to visit next let me know! I hope you enjoyed my VA winery and brewery itinerary!


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