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My Personal Experience with Cheap Caribbean | Is it too good to be true?

Personal Experience with Cheap Caribbean

My Personal Experience with Cheap Caribbean

Personal Experience with Cheap Caribbean

For my latest trip to the gorgeous island of Aruba (read more about my trip here), I used a website called Cheap Caribbean to book the entire trip. I had never used it before, and this post is in no way sponsored by them. However, I was extremely pleased with the outcome and how simple the process is.

How to Book:

Cheap Caribbean is simply a third party booking site that offers Caribbean vacations at an extremely discounted rate.When booking, you select the airport you want to fly out of, the dates of interest, and the country that you want to go to. Then, Cheap Caribbean does it’s own magic. You can also check a box if you want to only see all-inclusive search results.

Personal Experience with Cheap Caribbean

Hotel + Flight:

Cheap Caribbean offer trips to basically any Caribbean island that you could possibly be interested in, and they have many all-inclusive options! You have the option to book a hotel only or a hotel/flight combination all at one time. And I HIGHLY recommend bundling your hotel and flight on Cheap Caribbean’s site because thats where the true beauty of this website comes in.


Personal Testimony:

To be completely transparent, our Aruba trip cost $1,400 per person through Cheap Caribbean. That price included the flight, 4 nights at a luxury resort, and an all-inclusive package for the hotel. That is CHEAP for an all-inclusive luxury Caribbean vacation, mainly because flight prices are ridiculous now-a-days. A flight to Aruba alone can cost around $700.

We also chose to add on a $25 airport transfer during the booking process. So when we got to the airport in Aruba, we already knew that we had a ride waiting on us. Again, I highly recommend doing this (no matter what website you use).


Overall Opinion:

I  was very pleased with my personal experience with Cheap Caribbean and I would use it again. If you have any questions about it, I’d love to chat with you!

The next adventure is to St. Martin to help a hotel that was ruined in Hurricane Irma celebrate their grand re-opening! Stay tuned and stay updated by following me on Instagram.

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