Must-Have Shoes for Fall!

Must Have Shoes for Fall

I have decided to start sharing “Weekender’s Edit” styled posts, where I simply round-up recent styles and trends that I am loving. I am going to *try* to release 1 per week and stick to the “affordable vs. investment” option format, but we will just see how it goes! I hope you enjoy my list of “Must Have Shoes for Fall.”

Western Style Booties

Affordable Options:

These styles definitely won’t break the bank, and yet, are still very on trend. I absolutely love the white ones and have been eyeing different white booties for awhile now.

  1. Cognac Western Boot                 2. White Booties                     3. V-Cut Bootie

Investment Options:

These are made of higher quality materials, and should last you most than one season. I personally own Michael Kors booties and they lasted through 3 seasons so far. Also, I love the Coconuts Burgundy style because they seem extremely unique!

  1. Michael Kors                 2. Coconuts Burgundy Western.             3. BP Notched Bootie

Mules and Slides

Affordable Options:

I actually own the first two options and love both of them. The colored fur slides look WAY cuter in person than they do in that picture. And now, I think I might have to buy number three as well. 🙂

  1. Fur Slides          2. Colored Fur Slides.         3. Heeled Mules.      4. Black Studded Mules

Investment Options:

I own #4 and they are extremely comfortable and made extremely well! Plus, I am a sucker for all things leopard.

  1. Free People        2. Jeffery Campbell        3. Chinese Laundry.      4. Louise et Cie Cela

Over the Knee Boots

Affordable Options:

OTK boots are literally my favorite trend ever. They are so comfortable, super flattering, and keep you warm!

  1. OTK Point Toe + Heel                2. OTK flat boot                   3. Clear Block Heel Boot

Investment Options:

If there is one thing that I will definitely spend extra money on, it’s good boots. And I have found Marc Fisher to be my absolute favorite boot brand over the last year or two.

  1. Chinese Laundry OTK              2. Coconuts beige OTK                 3. Marc Fisher OTK

Sock Boots

Affordable Options:

This style is definitely my favorite “new’ trend this season. I do prefer a block heel, so many of the more affordable options don’t work for me personally. But I still wanted to share them!

  1. Western Sock Boot   2. Red Sock Boot     3. Western Sock Boot    4. Black sparkle Boot

Investment Options:

I literally want each and every one of these! I recently ordered black, red, and brown in a style very similar to #1.

  1. Steve Madden             2. Sole Society             3. Chinese Laundry        4. Steve Madden


And there you have it – a full list of Must Have Shoes for Fall! I hope this was useful for you, either in simply sharing trends or maybe even helping you to find your favorite new pair of shoes! I would love your feedback on this style of post, do you like it or nah?

I know that a few of these styles are a little bit “out there,” but honestly that seems to be in style and (in my opinion) it’s extremely fun to push boundaries with your wardrobe. Shoes can literally make a wardrobe statement all by themselves, so let them! If you have any suggestions on things you want to see in future  “Weekender’s Edit” posts, please let me know via Instagram.

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