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An Inside Tour of the Sandals Over-Water-Bungalows | Jamaica

The Inside Scoop:

A life-long dream of mine has been to stay in an over-water-bungalow! Well, my dream (almost) came true recently. I work as an affiliate for Sandals Resorts, and you can read about my recent Sandals Affiliate Trip here. While I didn’t actually get to stay in the Sandals over-the-water bungalows, I did get to tour them! And believe me, they truly are as dreamy as they look!

Sandals offers these one-of-a-kind over-the-water bungalows in Jamaica at their Royal Caribbean Resort and their South Coast Resort! They also offer them in St. Lucia at their Grande St. Lucia Resort!


Video Walk-through:

The Following video is a quick walk through over-water-bungalow tour in Sandals South Coast in Jamaica! I apologize for the small screen, the videos were originally filmed on my Insta-story and I didn’t know that they would transfer this way!

The inside:

The glass floor in the bedroom has a light made into it, and when turned on at night, it attracts sea life! There is also a small, stocked kitchen area, large closet, and shower. The shower has a door in it that leads outside to the deck, where there is another shower and large soaking tub!


The Outside:

Of course, the room is stunning in itself, but I think I would just live outside on the deck if I were to stay here! The views are amazing, and there are tons of different places to lounge! You can see the net hammock below, as well as, the lounge chairs.


Pictured below is the large socking tub on the deck, with privacy curtains that can be pulled around it, if so desired! If you go down the steps beside the tub, it leads to chairs (also pictured below) with a large umbrella! There is also a ladder that leads into the water, so swimming or snorkeling around your bungalow is allowed. And, snorkeling gear is provided!


One of my favorite parts of the bungalows are the large rafts that are anchored to the sea floor. These allow you to lounge and relax while in the water (pictured below)!


Other Amenities:

  • airport greeting
  • private luxury transfer from airport
  • separate check-in area
  • welcome gift
  • 24 hr butler service/room service

Of course, since these are Sandals over-water-bungalows, your whole stay is all-inclusive. That fact does make the huge expense of these bungalows go down just a little.


Sandals Over-Water-Bungalows

Well, thanks for reading my Inside Tour of the Sandals Over-Water-Bungalws! Maybe we will all win the lottery soon and be able to go stay in them for a few nights! They only cost a a few thousand dollars per night, with a three night minimum stay. So… if you are interested in booking one, let me know 😉

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