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Hillsborough, NC | Weaver Street Market Wine Show


Hillsborough, NC

Hillsborough, NC is an adorable small town with tons of great restaurants! It is right outside of Durham, NC and not too far from Raleigh!


Weaver Street Market Wine Show:

The Weaver Street Market is a Co-Op styled grocery store and eatery in Hillsborough, NC. They sell farm fresh, local produce, meats, house-holds, food, snacks, etc! One of my favorite parts of the Weaver Street Market is their wine selection. The sell a large variety of global wines at an extremely affordable rate! But on top of that, a few times a year they have a Wine Show where they showcase around 35 wines. Not only do they let you taste all 35 wines, but they have them on a MAJOR discount.

This past weekend, I attended my first Wine Show – and let me tell you, I was impressed! I bought four wines and spent about $59 – but ONE of those wines at regular price was $53! I highly recommend checking out next seasons wine show at the Weaver Street Market!


Other Things to Do:

Other than the Weaver Street Market, downtown Hillsborough, NC has several cutes shops, wine stores, eateries, and a delicious chocolate/coffee shop! I always stop into Matthew’s Chocolates for a few truffles and a cup of coffee when I am in Hillsborough, NC!


There is also a nice river walking trail located past the Weaver Street Market, behind the parking garage. There are a few benches to sit and enjoy the day or bring the dogs and go for a walk! The town is very dog friendly – I probably saw 30 dogs while I was there throughout the day!



A few of the restaurants that I have tried include Radius Pizzeria, The Wooden Nickel, Weaver Street Market, and now Antonia’s Italian – which is my new FAVORITE in Hillsborough, NC. I love good, fresh Italian food anyway, but I was very impressed with Antonia’s! I got fresh made fettuccine pasta with a red sauce and grilled chicken. The pasta was delicious and the chicken was amazing and grilled to perfection!


Outfit Deets:


My favvvorite Kate Spade Sneakers: Nordstrom | Hat: Target| Straw Bag: Lulu’s

Upcoming Adventures:

Stay tuned this weekend – We are going to be creating a Sangria recipe next Saturday! Then, with the school year quickly coming to an end, my real travel season will begin! Upcoming adventures include a small Aniversary B&B, VA Beach Neptune Festival, Carolina Beach, Jamaica twice, a Spa weekend, Barbados, Nellysford, Williamsburg, and Nashville! I love sharing my experiences with you! I hope the you will be following along on Instagram to get the inside-scoop that I only share on my Insta-Stories!

What are you doing this summer?


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