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How to Choose an All-Inclusive Resort | 7 Things to Look For


All-Inclusive Resorts: They Are Not All Created Equally

When most people decide that they want to take a Caribbean Trip, many people immediately think about an all-inclusive resort – with good reason. All-inclusive Resorts are definitely the best way to experience the Caribbean on a budget. However, not all all-inclusive resorts are created equally. I have been to all-inclusive resorts in the Bahamas, Grenada, Antigua, and St. Lucia. I will be going to Jamaica and Barbados this summer!

Some all-inclusive resorts are extremely cheap – but sometimes that can show through in their food, drinks, and amenities, or the resort might be completely filled with wild college students who just don’t care. However, others have created quite a luxurious atmosphere at what is still an affordable rate. Of course, there might be a price difference – just make sure that you don’t somehow pay five-star prices for a two-star resort. I usually choose Sandals Resorts,  which are hands-down phenomenal! However, there are tons of all-inclusive resorts out there – you just have to know what you are looking for!

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What you need to look for when choosing an All-Inclusive Resort:

  1. Unlimited Drinks – Need I say more? But really, getting top shelf liquor, great wine, and beer with no limit is exactly what everyone wants on a hot Caribbean day! But, make sure that the resorts that you are looking into offer the good stuff, and not just cheap vodka or beer – unless that’s what you are into.
  2. Delicious Food – One of my favorite things about my all-inclusive trips is the food. I recommend making sure that your all-inclusive resort has multiple restaurants, with  AT MOST one buffet. Plus, all-inclusive means that I am more likely to try new things… because if I don’t like it – then I can just order something else!
  3. How old does the building look? Now, I’m not saying that if the building looks old then it is automatically a bad resort. However, if the building does look old – that is going to make me inspect their reviews a lot closer!
  4. Speaking of Reviews – READ THEM – always check Trip Advisor before traveling anywhere, but especially out of the country. However, you have to read about ten of them to get an honest feel. Often, people who are way too picky leave crazy reviews that most likely aren’t going to matter to your stay… but it is still a good idea to read them!
  5. Extra Amenities – Of course, if you’re like me, then you don’t need to be entertained during the day. Give me a drink and a chair on the Caribbean Sea – and I’m set. However, many all-inclusive resorts offer free water sports, such as: kayaking, wind surfing, snorkeling, etc. So if that is something that you are really interested in – don’t settle for a resort that doesn’t offer them.
  6. Live Nightly Entertainment – when the sun goes you are probably going to want a little more liveliness and entertainment. Read the amenities list on the resort website – live, nightly entertainment is a huge plus!
  7. Weigh what is included with the price of the trip – I know price is going to be one of the most major things to consider on any vacation. Just make sure that you think about what is included with that price when you are comparing. If one resort offers way more and is only few hundred dollars more, truly think about what you are going to enjoy the most for the money.


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Use your gut – if it looks to good to be true, it might be. And if it looks like a dump, it probably is. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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  1. I always use TripAdvisor, it has taken me to some of the best restaurants and non-touristy places. I used it everyday while I was in Charleston, SC.

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