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A Coastal VA Travel Guide | Something for Everyone!

Coastal VA Travel Guide:

My mother and I set out to Coastal VA for a 3 night St. Patrick’s Day getaway to visit family (and do up that #weekendlifestyle)! We adore visiting our cousins, who live in Chesapeake, VA! They are always great hosts, great fun, and totally out do themselves! We did a lot of shopping, got a massage, visited breweries, wineries, the beach, and a country night club. Yes – those are a little bit random, but hey, we know how to have fun! I hope you enjoy my latest Coastal VA Travel Guide!


Norfolk, VA

1. Coelacanth Brewery:

I have been to a lot of breweries throughout my #weekendlifestyle journeys, and I have to say, Coelacanth has been one of my absolute favorites! The inside of the building is so inviting and the beer is EXCELLENT! Within the group that I was with, we all have very different tastes, yet, we were all able to find a beer that we truly enjoyed! The owner was great to work with and everyone showed great hospitality! I was more than happy to feature them in this latest Coastal VA Travel Guide! I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the area!


2. O’Connor Brewery (and many others)

There are TONS of other breweries in the area. We attempted to go into O’Connors Brewery, but decided not to stay due to crowds (again, it was St. Patrick’s Day). I would like to check out a few more on my next visit. However, I will definitely be returning to Coelacanth!

IMG_6509 2

Virginia Beach:

1. The Beach:

You can’t come to Coastal Virginia and not go to the beach right?! It was absolutely freezing with the wind chill (It’s only March), but it’s the beach! So it’s still awesome! My mom was clearly not feeling it though LOL (see below).


2. Chix Seaside Grill:

We had lunch at Chix Seaside Grill! I would love to come back when it is warmer and sit outside here! It is a really cute bar and grill, with great food! I had chicken tacos and mom got surf and turf tacos! I highly recommend both! Don’t be surprised if you see me back at Chix in a future version of A Coastal VA Travel Guide!


3. Advanced Fuller School of Massage:

Everyone like a great massage right? I mean come on! However, they can get expensive! Fuller School of Massage offers TOP NOTCH massages, facials, etc. for LOW prices! I have chronic neck and shoulder pain, so I am pretty familiar with several different massage therapists! I can honestly say that this was in the top two massages of my life! If you are coming to the area, or if you live nearby, I recommend making reservations about a week in advanced if you want a specific time slot! My massage therapists name was Pat 🙂


4. Mermaid Winery

The brand new Virginia Beach location of Mermaid Winery had just opened one day before we arrived, so we got super lucky! We have been to their Norfolk location before, and I preferred this one MUCH more! The staff was much more knowledgeable and friendly at the new Virginia Beach location. I highly recommend the Mermaid Pinot Noir!



5. Eagles Nest: Rockin’ Country Bar

We had dinner at Eagles Nest, which is a country night club that also has a sports-bar styled restaurant! The food was actually excellent and I would love to go back and eat there again! We went rather early in the evening, so I can’t say exactly what the nightlife is like. We watched a few people line dance and I rode the mechanical bull. HA.

I didn’t even look at my time, but I know I stayed on it longer than all of the people who went before me. One girl literally lasted 0.1 second! LOL


Chesapeake, VA:

Our cousins live in Chesapeake, VA. They are dangerously close to many excellent shopping options. Plus, they are close to the Virginia Beach line.


1. Shopping:

  • Greenbrier Mall – Chesapeake
  • Shopping Center (Across from Greenbrier Mall) – This strip Mall contains everything imaginable, from T.J. Maxx, to Ulta Beauty, DSW, Total Wine, Pier One Imports, etc.

Between all of these places, I got a set of champagne glasses, a new rug, a new vanity mirror, a lamp, Ugg Slides, a bralette, a new make-up brush, and a shirt! Again, random? Yeah, maybe… but they’re all things that I have actually been looking for and just happened to find them all on this trip.

Fashion Deets in this Post:

  • Jewelry and Tops: Fashion Rental through LeTote
  • Straw Bag: LuLu’s


Of course, every trip has to come to an end. However, this is an area that is near to my heart! There is so much to see and do, and there is truly something for everyone! I always try to provide a variety of activities in each of my travel posts, and I think I definitely did that here! I hope you enjoyed the latest Coastal VA Travel Guide!

Next Adventure: Charleston, SC!! But, until next time, keep on living out your inner #weekendlifestyle! My goal is to inspire you all to travel and live out your dreams! Where is somewhere you would like to see me go in the future?

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A portion of this trip was complimentary and this post contains affiliate linking – However, all opinions are honestly and organically my own.



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