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Sandals St. Lucia

The Perfect Honeymoon

It has been almost three years since my honeymoon trip to St. Lucia. We stayed at Sandals Halcyon Beach; which I highly recommend for honeymooners! The great thing about staying at any of the Sandals in St. Lucia is that there are three different Sandals Resorts on the island, and no matter which on you stay at, you can play, eat and drink at all three for free! I promise you that Sandals St. Lucia is the perfect honeymoon destination!

Which Resort should you choose?

Halcyon Beach

As I mentioned earlier, we stayed at the Sandals Halcyon Beach. The reason that I recommend this one for honeymooners is because it is smaller, cheaper, more personal, and more romantic. Plus, you have access to all of the other resorts, so you can go out and join a more lively crowd during the day if you please. I highly recommend going to see the other resorts at least once. We went to the Grande Resort several times.


The Grande

The scene at the Grande during the day felt like a college spring break location. Everyone was partying hard and very loud at the main pool bar. We liked the beach at the Grande Resort a lot because it was big and because they had metal chairs that you could take out into the water and sit in! We also liked that they had a larger variety of dining options!

There were a few vendors on the beach, but they were friendly and if you said no thank you, they left you alone. Note the second picture below here: one guy had a small boat filled with stuff trying to sell things from the water. LOL, I don’t know how it didn’t tople over.


La Toc

La Toc is a golf resort; so if you like golf, this might be for you. We did not like the layout of the La Toc Resort. It was on the side of a cliff, which was beautiful, but it made the resort seem choppy and broken up. Plus, I feel like it would involve a lot more walking than normal.


An Island Excursion:

There are several different people at each resort walking around trying to sell you things and excursions to go on. My suggestion to you is, even if you don’t stay at Halcyon, go there and find Skittles (yes, that is the guy’s name) and do the excursion with him! It is cheaper than booking through the hotel and he is an absolute great tour guide! He takes care of his people and gets you up front and ahead of the lines when necessary. He also took a lot of pictures for us!

Though, no matter who you decide to go with, you need to go on at least one excursion! The island of St. Lucia is the most beautiful Caribbean Island that I have been to! The high mountains contrasted with the beautiful Caribbean Sea is to die for!


The great thing about any Sandals Resort:

All Sandals are all inclusive, and I don’t mean gross buffet food; I mean fine dining and top shelf liquor. There is always an aquatic center, offering snorkeling trips, kayaking, etc. The Caribbean always provides amazing and breath taking views! But the main thing that makes Sandals truly great is their personal  customer service! The people always make you feel welcome and at home!

What has been your favorite Caribbean destination? Or what is your dream Caribbean destination?

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This is not a sponsored post – All travel expenses were paid for by myself – All opinions are honestly and organically my own.

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    1. Oh no!! It rains a little on and off on us every year in the Caribbean, because we choose to go during the rainy season. But it’s usually hit or miss.

  1. when is the best time to go to St. Lucia looking into it for our honey moon! 🙂 we dont want it to rain ! haha i know its inevitable !

    1. Their peak travel time is in the winter time. Summer time is actually their rainy/slower season. However, I travel to the Caribbean ever summer and it does always rain, but it’s super short showers that come and go quick!

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