Top 10 Tools that all Wine Lovers Need

The best wine tools on the market:

1.Riedel Wine GlassesTarget $40 | I featured these in my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, but they fit so perfectly into this post too. I promise you that these are the best wine glasses that you can buy for everyday use. They make bad wine taste better and great wine taste even more great. For wine glasses…the thinner the glass, the better the glass.

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2. Preserver PumpTarget $15 or Amazon $12 | In reality, wine should be consumed within 24 hour of opening. But sometimes, life gets in the way. This tool sucks the air out of an opened bottle of wine in order to better preserve the taste for saving it for an extra day or two. This is the best little tool that I have ever accidentally bought. I was at a winery and thought I was buying a regular wine stopper, but I actually bought the stoppers that come with this tool. So after I realized what it was and what it did, I had to buy the tool too!

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.41.08 PM3. Foil CutterAmazon $5 | Often, these. come with automatic wine openers; But if you don’t have one of these, then you need one! This small tool cuts the foil off of the top of the bottle, exposing the cork. This helps the cork come out better and more smooth. Plus, it eliminates the chance of getting small pieces of metal inside of your wine.

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4. Automatic Wine openerTarget $15 or Amazon $15 | This is a must have for anyone who is a little spoiled and ever plans to open a bottle of wine. This tool will take the cork out of any sized bottle with the push of a button. Don’t push to hard or force it; it will do the job on its own.

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5. AeratorAmazon $22 or Amazon $15 | So, honestly, I don’t have one of these yet. But, this tool sticks in the top of a bottle, like a stopper. Not only should it help the wine to pour more smoothly, but it is supposed to aerate the wine, helping it to breathe faster, aiding in taste.

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6. Temperature Control Fridge |Target  $99 – holds 4 bottles | Amazon $56.50 – holds 6 bottles | Target $127 – holds 16 bottles | This is the best thing since sliced bread. I have the 6 bottle one sitting on my counter top, under my kitchen cabinets. I keep mine at 55 degrees. This is good for all wine, but it makes red wine, in particular, so much better!

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7. Wine Rack | Target $20 or Target $34 | If you can’t quite splurge on a temperature control unit, a horizontal wine rack if a nice place to to store wine. Storing wine on its side is ideal, because it keeps the cork moist. If a cork starts to dry up, it can begin to let air inside of the bottle and degrade the taste of the wine.

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8. Back up Cork ScrewTarget $7 | I think that everyone should have an automatic wine opener, but I also think that everyone needs a back up one too. We all know technology is only great when it works. Plus, when you are on the go, these are much easier to take along.

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9. Back-up Wine StoppersAmazon $9 | In the same way, even though I almost alway use the preserver tops, back ups are good to have for serving, parties, traveling, etc.

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10. Ice Bucket | Target $13 | This is pretty self explanatory. These buckets are great for parties or for simply sitting on your couch and not having to get back up! (LOL)

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I can’t wait for it to get warmer so I can go sit outside at wineries and enjoy life! What is your favorite wine tool?

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