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The Perfect Place to Escape the Cold | Travel Guide for Hollywood Beach, FL

Travel Guide for Hollywood Beach, FL

We traveled to Hollywood Beach, FL twice during 2020. Everywhere did a great job of enforcing masks due to COVID-19, but everything was pretty much open for business! Hollywood Beach is right out of Fort Lauderdale, just north of Miami.

During our first stay, we went in July – and it was HOT! The sun is extremely intense, so I definitely recommend lots of sunscreen and a hat. Our second stay was in December, right after Christmas. The weather was perfect for a winter getaway. The days were beautiful and warm, while the nights usually called for a sweater or a hoodie!

We love Hollywood Beach because it feels very authentic and local, as compared to more touristy beaches in Florida. And our favorite part… Hollywood Beach a foodie’s dream destination! There is no need to rent a car – there is so much to do and see within walking distance. Plus, Uber is available if needed. So please enjoy my travel guide for Hollywood Beach, FL!

Places to Stay

The Hollywood Beach area is full of small, locally-owned hotels that appear to be very dated – but don’t let that fool you. They are much nicer than they appear and very affordable!

We have stayed at Sun Beach Inn and Beach Rooms Inn – and I would stay at either location again! However, I just recently learned that Beach Rooms Inn is now sadly permanently closed (I supposed due to COVID).

The Area

The main thing that we love the Hollywood Beach area is the Broadwalk! This makes strolling along the beach to the local restaurants, shops, bars, etc. super easy and convenient. Many places have live entertainment. Also, bike rentals and roller skates are super popular.

Another thing that we love about this area is that the sunset is absolutely breathtaking as the colors of the sky turn purple and the turquoise water is illuminated.

The Food

Literally everywhere has amazing food! The Taco Spot, Mamacitas, and GG’s Waterfront are a few of our favorites. Here is a complete list of restaurants in the area, but I’ll list the ones we’ve tried and recommend as well.

  • The Taco Spot (huge variety of house-made sauces)
  • Mamacitas (as authentic as it gets)
  • GG’s Waterfront (one of our favorite dining experiences, ever!!)
  • Sapore Di Mare (excellent pizza)
  • Latitudes Restaurant
  • Nick’s Bar and Grill (Conch Fritters are amazing)
  • Antonio’s Pizza
  • Ocean Alley (Mahi Fingers & Caesar Wrap)


Overall – we adore the Hollywood Beach area. We could see ourselves retiring there. Not to mention, it’s where Dustin and I signed the lease to our restaurant, Nana Karen’s on Main (in July), AND got engaged (in December)! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks for checking out my travel guide for Hollywood Beach, FL!

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