Unique Christmas Gift Ideas (2019)

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas


Winged CBD Oil

Know someone with a lot of stress or anxiety in their life? Or maybe someone who wants to feel more relaxed and less anxious this holiday season while drinking a tasting homemade peppermint mocha? Winged CBD Oil is an incredible brand that has created an organic and balancing CBD line that is made specifically for women! Their balance peppermint oil is amazing. You can drop a bit in your mouth directly, or choose to make peppermint coffee or tea… You can even bake with it! My code to save 10% is KATIEC10 🙂


Kafo Mugs

Kafo Mugs is an adorable, locally owned Etsy shop! They have regular mugs and steel camping mugs. The steel camping mugs are my favorite because they stay hot (or cold) longer! Plus they also take custom orders!! So the gift ideas are endless 🙂

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JORD Wooden Watches

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times – if only one remembers to turn on the light 💡 WHO KNOWS THE QUOTE? 😉 I’ve been wearing and sharing my JORD watch for 2 years now and I’m thrilled to tell you I’m now a part of their brand new partnership program! They have so many gorgeous styles for both men and women – and can even be engraved!


Shrimp & Grits Apparel

I have so much love for Shrimp & Grits – mainly because I know the people behind the brand. But their sweatshirts are literally my favorite ever. I always have one on when I’m at home working or running around doing errands. Check out their entire collection for both men and women!

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I’m from a small town called Danville VA where I’ve had the pleasure of watching it grow into something that most people never would have believed over the last 5 years! 😍 So when Mapiful reached out to me and offered to send me one of their customizable maps, it was a no brainer! These make super unique gifts, as you can type-in anywhere in the world that is special to you or a loved one! My code to save 10% on your own map is wineandweekends10 🙂

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Espere Jewelry

Honestly, I’m all about accessories these days. PLUS I have become slightly obsessed with reading about my zodiac personality because I’m constantly amazed at how accurate it is. So when Espere Jewelry offered to send me one of their gorgeous zodiac rings I was drooling!! They even have an AMAZON SHOP so shopping their collection is a breeze! Here’s a code for 20% off your entire purchase of 2 or more items: 4WLLGSFG!

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products – I own them all!! Follow along on social media via Instagram or Facebook for more adventures.

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