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Acorn Ridge: Privately Owned, Affordable Condos in the Dominican Republic

Privately Owned, Affordable  Condos in the Dominican Republic

Acorn Ridge Cabin Rentals:

Privately Owned, Affordable Condos in the Dominican Republic

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Acorn Ridge Cabin Rentals twice so far this year. They have private condos in the Dominican Republic and cabins in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. This first review is specific to tell you about their Privately Owned, Affordable Condos in the Dominican Republic.

Privately Owned, Affordable  Condos in the Dominican Republic

Our Personal Experience:

From the moment we landed, we felt safe and at home. While staying in a private condo is much different from staying in a resort, it was an incredible experience. We enjoyed relaxing and not going out much. We laid by the beach and the pool during the day, cooked food in our condo, and enjoyed our balcony at night.

This is a truly relaxing experience. It might not be for you if you are looking to go out and party often. But it’s great for groups who just want to enjoy the company of each other in a beautiful location.

Privately Owned, Affordable  Condos in the Dominican Republic

Things to note:

There are a few small shops that sell souvenirs that can be found by taking a 10-minute walk down the beach to the left!

There are no restaurants or bars that are consistently open within walking distance. This is why they take you to the grocery store on the way from the airport (more information below). Stock up on any drinks you want and easy to cook foods and snacks.

The airport transfer company does offer to rent you a car of your own for your time on the island. We didn’t use this service, but it is an option for those that want to do a bit more exploring.

A look Inside the Condos:

The condo that we stayed in consisted of 3 bedrooms (they have another option that offers only 2 bedrooms). The third bedroom is a loft upstairs and it has 2 double beds. This is the only difference between the 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom condo! The kitchen is large and spacious. And our favorite thing about the entire condo was the SPACIOUS balcony.


We felt extremely safe during the entire experience. From the airport transfer, to the grocery store, to the condo, and being on the beach during the day (and even at night). There are resorts located on both sides of the complex and they have guards watching their properties at all times.

Privately Owned, Affordable  Condos in the Dominican Republic

How to make a reservation and what to expect:


Simply select your dates and book online at Once your reservation has been made, the team will reach out to you to secure your airport transfer.

Airport Transfer:

The airport transfer costs $180 USD (round trip) and includes a stop at the grocery store where you will have an unlimited amount of time to shop and the driver helps you our with your shopping as needed. Once you arrive at the airport and get through customs, the driver will be waiting for you with a sign that has your name on it. This process was easy and extremely convenient!



Acorn Ridge offers 2 different condos in this particular complex in the Dominican.

Three Bedrooms:

The one that we stayed in is called Rustling Palms. It is three bedrooms and can sleep up to 8 comfortably. This condo also has a HUGE balcony, full kitchen, and large living area. The views are unbeatable and both the pool and the beach are just steps away.

A 3-night stay in this condo would only cost $1320 (BUT that includes a $500 REFUNDABLE security deposit). So that’s a true cost of $820, which if split between 3 couples would only be 136.67 per person!

Add on the round trip transportation of $180 and an estimated grocery cost of $400 for food and drinks for 6 people – you’d be at a total of $316.67 per person! (NOT including airfare, which around $500 per person). But still, a total Caribbean trip for under $1000 per person is a STEAL!

Two Bedrooms:

Their second condo is located directly below Rustling Palms. Its name is Rhythm of the Seas and it is basically identical to the first condo, except it only has 2 bedrooms. It does not have the upstairs loft bedroom, so it only sleeps 4 comfortably.

Your costs at this condo are roughly the same, but you’d be splitting them with fewer people so you would actually come out more expensive. However, the price is still extremely affordable for a Caribbean vacation!



I truly recommend a group vacation here for anyone that needs to relax and escape the real world for a bit. It is an affordable option and I’ve never heard anyone say “I really regret going on that trip.” I truly loved my time working with Acorn Ridge and their Privately Owned, Affordable Condos in the Dominican Republic! If you have any questions about specifics or my time there, please don’t hesitate to ask! Comment below or message me on Facebook or Instagram!

Thank you for your support and much love!

Until next time,

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