How to Stay Organized in 2019 | My Planner + Tips

How to Stay Organized in 2019

How to Stay Organized in 2019 | My Planner + Tips

I’ve gotten a few questions about what planner I use and how to stay organized. This is the exact planner that I use for all of my appointments, deadlines, reminders, and dates. It is literally my lifeline; I think I would explode if I lost it. I like that it is larger, like the size of a normal notebook; yet it is thin and not bulky. It’s basically the same size as my MacBook Pro.

How to Stay Organized in 2019 | My Planner + Tips

Why don’t you use your phone?

Sure, we all have Smart Phones and can write down schedules electronically… (LOL that made me laugh). I honestly think it takes LONGER to program all of my reminders in my phone than to just write them down. As a visual person, I like being able to see ALL of my upcoming events and reminders spread out on one page.

How to Stay Organized in 2019 | My Planner + Tips

How is your planner set-up?

This particular planner gives you both a monthly layout and a weekly layout. I mainly just use the monthly layout. However, the weekly one can be useful when you have a particularly busy week or multiple deadlines to remember. I often use the weekly layout when creating my trip itineraries.

How to Stay Organized in 2019 | My Planner + Tips

Any tips on how to stay organized?

It might sound extra, but color coordinating things helps me a lot! I don’t have an extravagant colored system that I use. But I do try to use different colored pens and things when writing down multiple things on the same day. My brain can separate them better if I visually see them in different colors.

How to Stay Organized in 2019 | My Planner + Tips

Do you keep it with you at all times? How do you store it?

I keep my planner in my laptop sleeve (along with my laptop). I don’t carry it with me at all times, but I do carry it back and forth to work. If I need to add something to it while it is not with me, I write it down in a note on my phone and then transfer it that night.

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