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10 Reasons to Choose Sandals Resorts

sandals Negril | 10 Reasons to Choose Sandals Resorts

10 Reasons to Choose Sandals Resorts

I get so excited every time one of you messages me to say that you’re considering going to a Sandals Resort! Clearly, I talk a lot about them – but I can’t say it enough: there is no better overall travel company than Sandals Resorts! I’ve detailed almost all of their resorts singularly here –  but in this post, I’m going to talk about the amazing amenities that are available to ALL of their resorts (because that’s really what makes them so incredible).

  1. Security

    • Safety is really the number one thing that everyone worries about during travel. Every Sandals Resort is secured as a gated community. Also, there are security guards on the beach (especially the resorts that are located on public beaches) that make sure random people don’t wander into the resort.
  2. Customer Service

    • This isn’t something that you care about… until you need it. Sandals customer service is unbeatable – whether calling to arrange something before your trip or once you arrive at the resort.
  3. Unlimited, Free Water Sports

    • Not everyone takes advantage of this, but every Sandals Resort offers free kayaking, hobbie cat sailing, and paddle boarding. A few resorts even offer tubing and water skiing! We really enjoyed the sailing this year in Negril, its much easier to learn than you think.
  4. The QUALITY Food

    • I’m not saying that all other all-inclusive resorts have sucky food. But what I AM saying is that EVERY food option at a Sandals Resort is of top-notch, five-star status. Options usually include Italian, Steakhouse style, Asian, Caribbean, etc. However, the exact options vary from resort to resort.
  5. The QUALITY of their unlimited drinks

    • Lot’s of resorts offer all-inclusive, unlimited drink options. But all too often – other resorts limit the drink options or the all-inclusive menus. Everything from Grey Goose to Crown Royale to Champagne is included, all day and all night at any Sandals Resort!
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  6. Free Snorkeling and Diving

    • One of the coolest inclusions, in my opinion, is free snorkeling and diving trips! Now, you do have to be a certified diver to dive – but anyone can snorkel! And I don’t just mean they give you a mask and let you snorkel on the beach. Most resorts have 2-4 snorkeling boat trips per day, to different snorkeling sights. AND, you can go as many time as you want.
  7. In-Room Amenities

    • There are different levels of room categories. However, no matter your level, all rooms at Sandals Resorts have amazing king size beds, great soaps and shampoos, and an in-room bar with water, juice, wine, and local beer!
  8. Cleanliness

    • This is another one of those “unspoken but greatly appreciated” amenities. Most Sandals Resorts employee *roughly* 500 people or more, and they all work together tremendously well to keep all areas of the Resort and grounds spotless. The rooms, bathrooms, restaurants, bars, lobby, pool areas… all of it is always immaculate.
  9. Free Airport Transfers

    • Another unspoken answered prayer come in with the free airport transfers to any and all Sandals Resorts! The last thing you want is to arrive in a foreign country with no idea how to get where you need to go. When you arrive at the airport, you simply head to the Sandals desk or lounge and they tag your bags and tell you where to go and wait for your ride.
  10. Daytime & Nighttime Entertainment

    • Each Sandals Resort employees a group of people that they call the “playmakers.” These people go above and beyond in terms of entertainment and fun! They play all kinds of games and host fun activities during the day, and put on some outstanding shows and musical performances at night time!

There is honestly so much more that I could talk about because it’s the small intimate details of each resort that make every trip special and unique. But the main point is, no matter which one you choose… you can’t go wrong with Sandals Resorts!


Thanks for reading my 10 Reasons to choose Sandals Resorts. I hope it answered some of your questions or curiosities. If you still have questions, feel free to message me – I’d love to help you pick which Sandals Resort is right for you! Find me on Instagram or Facebook, I’d love to connect with you.

Until next time,

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  1. My boyfriend and I are trying to plan a Caribbean get away, I have been back and forth between the different Sandal Resorts. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.. but where should I go (we don’t want to go to Jamaica..long story)?!!

    1. Thank you!! I would suggest St. Lucia or Grenada! 💜 I have blog posts for both.

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