How to Edit Photos | The Best Free Photo Editing Apps

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How to Edit Photos

As someone who runs a business creating, sharing, and essentially selling things and ideas on the internet… photos are pretty important! I want my content to be as colorful, clear, and clean as possible. I don’t want anything to come off as fake or misleading – but no one wants to look at dull, unappealing photos.

I will be sharing the apps and tools that I use below. But first, I want to talk about some key words and the order that I would edit them in:

  1. Exposure: This is used to brighten and whiten the entire photo. You have to be careful with this, most photos can only be exposed by a tiny bit. But, that tiny bit often helps a lot and helps the other edits.
  2. Shadows: This is an excellent tool which brightens (quite well) any shadows in your photos. You just have to be careful because if you use this too much in a really dark photo, it is going to come out grainy and look fake.
  3. Dehaze: This is the single most important editing tool (in my opinion). This is how I get such deep and contrasted colors and dimensions in my photos (especially outdoor photos).
  4. Vibrance: There are several different color enhancing tools, but the only one I typically change is the vibrance. This simply enhances the natural colors in your photo, instead of completely changing them.
  5. Contrast: This is exactly what it should like. It enhances the contrast between the darks and lights in your photo.
  6. Whites or Blacks: This is two separate editing tools, but you usually only need one or the other. Obviously, you can play with both and decide what you like. However, typically if I need to brighten a photo at the end, I enhance the whites. Whereas, if I need to darken some places I decrease the blacks.

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The Best Free Photo Editing Apps

  1. For beginners, I would start with PS Express (which is a free Photo Shop app). Also, the app has an “auto” button which will instantly adjust all of the tools at once to what they think your photo needs. I will usually hit the button, but then still change some of the features myself.
  2. As you get a bit more advanced, you might want to play with the free Lightroom CC app. Lightroom CC has all of the same features as PS Express, plus a few additional ones. It also has the “Auto” key.

Full disclosure: At this point, I actually pay for full access to the Lightroom CC app, and I use it on my desktop so that I can see the photos better and can edit individual parts a single photo with a brush stroke.

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