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Travel Packing List | My Step-by-Step Packing Strategy

Travel Packing ListTravel Packing List

The first step of packing for ANY trip should include making a list. I don’t care how often I travel, if I don’t make a list… I will forget something. It happens every time. Sometimes, even where I make a list – I will think of something later and not add it to the list – and guess what – it never gets packed. lol SO, I have tried to make a very basic packing list that can be used over and over. Obviously, if you aren’t going to a beach, then some of these won’t apply to you. But overall, my list is pretty generic.

Travel Packing List

My Step-by-Step Packing Strategy

Travel Packing List

1. Pre-Plan Outfits

As a girl, and someone who takes photos of myself as part of my businesses, it is safe to say that picking out my outfits is definitely the biggest time consuming part of my packing.

Pre-planning your outfits by laying out everything and matching pieces together ahead of time will make your life much easier in the end. Plus, you are less likely to forget a main piece. But in the same way, you are less likely to over-pack – because you can visually see and count all of your options. I usually pack two more outfits than however many nights I will be gone.

Travel Packing List

2. Gathering Personal Items

On my main travel packing list, I just write “hair stuff”  and “face stuff”. Many, just because it’s easier than listing “face wash, moisturizer, night cream, shampoo, conditioner, styling product, etc.” lol. So with that said, I make sure to lay out and group everything together before packing it all.

3. Packing

I pack my shoes in my suitcase first and any other heavy items (like hair dryer). Next, I place my clothes all around and on top of the other items.  Lastly, I fill the holes with everything else that will fit.

I pack all of my “tech” stuff and most of my “other” stuff in a backpack or large tote.  I actually just got a new backpack that is made specifically for carrying a DLSR camera, tripod, and a laptop. It also has a little bit of extra room for chargers and other extras.



As always, thanks for reading my travel packing list! I hope that this makes packing less stressful and more simple for you in the future! If you have any other questions or other things that you want to see me write about, just let me know 🙂

I created this post while packing for my next travel project: St. Marteen and L’Esplande Hotel. I am working with this gorgeous boutique hotel to celebrate their grand re-opening. They, along with most of the island, was ruined in last year’s hurricane Irma. This is such a special collaboration and I hope that you will follow along on Instagram.

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