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Springfield Distillery & Springfield 1842 Cabins | Halifax VA’s Best Kept Secret

Springfield Distillery va

Springfield Distillery:

Springfield Distillery is located on River Rd. in Halifax VA, about 30 minutes from Danville, VA. Springfield is truly an amazing local gem, with outstanding drinks – and yet, I have found that so many people in Danville still don’t realize that it even exists. So, you’re welcome for introducing you to your new favorite hangout!

The owners at Springfield have done an outstanding job in just a short few years; and every time I go back, they’re expanding. The location of Springfield Distillery could easily be classified as “in the middle of nowhere”, but it works. I believe that is part of what makes Springfield unique. Plus, its actually very close to my house; so that’s a win in my book!

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I have been visiting Springfield Distillery since their beginning, so I was thrilled to work with them in this collaboration! To show you guys how excited we are to work together, we have created a GIVEAWAY on Instagram where THREE lucky winners are going to win a FREE NIGHT at their Springfield 1842 Cabins (more info about the cabins in the second half of this post)!

To enter the giveaway, go to this post and follow the instructions in the caption. For more entries, repeat the same process on their Instagram pages (more details about how to do this are on my post). PLUS, even if you don’t win the giveaway – I shared a coupon code for 25% off your cabin rental in the caption of the giveaway post. 

Springfield Distillery va

Tasting Room:

The Tasting Room has a rotating menu of cocktails, each featuring a different version of their SCRATCH whiskey. You can order a tall cocktail, or do a tasting that consists of four “mini” cocktails. If it is your first time visiting Springfield Distillery, then I recommend doing the tasting. Their cocktails are absolutely delicious, and you are going to want to try them all!

Sample Drink Menu:


SCRATCH Whiskey Options:

  • Original SCRATCH Corn Whiskey (original 90 proof)
  • SCRATCH Bourbon Whiskey (original SCRATCH aged in oak barrels)
  • Beaver King Rum (Molasses based Rum, 80 proof)
  • Flavored SCRATCH Whiskey (original SCRATCH, infused with natural flavoring)
    • Honey
    • Brown Sugar Cinnamon
    • Sweet Heat
    • Blackberry
    • Orange

Events & Space:

Springfield Distillery has become a very popular event venue, especially for weddings. Actually, I can even say that I have personally attended a wedding at Springfield, and it was gorgeous. Even though the tasting room itself is a bit small, they have done an excellent job of utilizing all available outside space (See the photos below for reference).

As for public events, Springfield Distillery often hosts food trucks, live bands, paint/art parties, craft vendors, etc. Be sure to follow them on social media to stay up-to-date on upcoming events!

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Springfield 1842 Cabins:

James and I had the absolute pleasure of staying at The Hunter’s Retreat Cabin at Springfield 1842. The cabins are located directly beside the Springfield Distillery, so drinks and good company are right around the corner. However, when you are ready to retire to your cabin for some relaxation, the huge wrap-around porch and king-size bed will be waiting.



Staying at the Springfield 1842 cabins allow you to truly relax and unplug. I did actually have cell service, but there is no wifi or TV. At first, that makes it seem like there is nothing to do. But if you allow yourself to truly absorb the moment, there are so many better things to do and enjoy with your time. There are several peacocks that roam the grounds, as well as, a herd of cows in the cabin’s “front yard.” Not to mention, the absolute beautiful serenity of nature itself.

The owners provide many sets of cards and games, which we enjoyed once we settled in for the night. We enjoyed a bottle of wine and played games on the front porch; when is the last time that you did something like that? I know that it had been way too long since we had. Of course, you don’t have to go on a “vacation” to do these things. But somehow – that always makes it a little easier.


The Inside:

Not only did Hunter’s Retreat have a king-size bed, but there is also a loft that offers two double beds. In addition, the cabin is stocked with a variety of snacks, drinks, and coffee; they had even filled up a small jar with milk and left it inside the fridge for the coffee. The bathroom has a walk-in shower and a gorgeous exterior sliding barn door. But still, my favorite part of the entire cabin was the wrap-around porch.

We spent our entire morning on the porch, talking and drinking coffee. And for one short day, we didn’t have a care in the world. There is something truly special about stepping away from “life”, even just for a bit.



Giveaway Reminder:

Sorry to repeat myself, but just in case you missed it: We are hosting a giveaway so that three lucky winners can win a FREE NIGHT! To enter the giveaway, go to this post and follow the instructions in the caption. For more entries, repeat the same process on the other Instagram pages (for more details about how to do this – click through the link above and follow the instructions). PLUS, even if you don’t win the giveaway – I shared a coupon code for 25% off your cabin rental in the caption of the giveaway post. 

Booking at Springfield 1842:

If you are interested in booking a Cabin for yourself, it can be done online here. If you have any questions about amenities or how to book, feel free to ask me and I will find the answer for you! (And – don’t forget about the coupon code on Instagram 😉

Special Thanks:

I want to thank the folks at Springfield Distillery and Springfield 1842 for their hospitality and kindness. They truly know how to make you feel welcome and at home! And, as always, I owe a special thanks to you for reading this blog post. I hope that you have learned something and that you will check out Springfield Distillery or Cabins in Halifax, VA for your own!


Until next time,

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*We were hosted by Springfield Distillery and Springfield 1842. However, all opinions and reviews expressed in this post are honestly and organically my own.*

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