How to find YOUR own Personal Style

Personal Style

Outfit Deets | Dress: Target | Tassel Tote: Target|Watch: Jord Watches | Earrings: Target |Shoes: Dolce Vita |

So, What is Personal Style?

Personal style is exactly what it sounds like: A style that fits YOUR personal style, interests, and lifestyle! However, when I say style – I don’t just mean fashion. I mean a style that supports your entire way of life. Of course media, location, and peers will influence your personal style in some ways. However, YOU determine what styles you want to embrace and YOU determine how confident you will feel when you embrace them!

Personal Style

Outfit Deets | Jumpsuit: Target | Hat: Target|Watch: Jord Watches | Earrings: Target |Shoes: Dolce Vita |

Lies that We Tell Ourselves:

When I was younger, I felt that hats drew too much attention to myself and watches made me feel bulky; these silly little things made me self-conscious, for no real reason. However, now that I have learned to embrace MY personal style… hats and watches have become some of my favorite accessories!

I’ve learned that if you embrace and are confident in the styles that you love, then you will be beautiful no matter what! Not being able to “pull something off” is a lie that we make up to keep ourselves in the comfort zone – and the comfort zone is where we get bored.

Personal Style

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But, It’s not just about Fashion:

You know that girl you follow on social media or that friend that always seems to have it together? You know the ones… the ones that you are always comparing yourself too. She has probably defined and embraced her own personal style! Meaning – She has decided to embrace all parts of her life, the good and the bad, and has learned to simply embrace the things that she loves!

I’ve adopted a motto throughout my work on Wine and Weekends: “Inspiring Others to Live Out Their Dreams…Even if it is only on the Weekend.” I want everyone to have special moments in their life that make them feel alive! And, I truly believe in saying “screw it” when it comes to the everyday routine. I know that everyone can’t travel every weekend or afford every new dress; but I do believe in making time for the things that you love and splurging on a “treat yo self” moment.

Personal Style

You Are Enough

The real reason that this whole concept of influencer marketing works is because we, as humans, are always admiring the life and style of others – while thinking that those things are unattainable for ourselves! Admiring others is easy – but deciding to go for your own goals takes work.

I am a firm believer in making your own happiness, which is why I do what I do. I write about travel and style because I love them… but also because, I know that others do to. Everyone should feel comfortable enough in their own skin to chase their dreams and embrace their own personal style! And, if you’ve never done that… then today is a great day to start!

Embrace the things that make you uniquely you! If you had to pick one word that defines your personal style… what would it be?


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