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The Best Places to Visit in Nashville

Nashville Travel Guide:


This was my first (adult) trip to Nashville; and let me tell you, it was a blast. It was exhausting, so much so, that I gave myself a cold when I got home (LOL), but it was worth it. The reason for going was for my “brother-in-law’s” 40th birthday. Except, he only stayed two nights, and me and my “sisters” stayed 5 nights (LOL again). I say “sisters” because one is my “sister-in-law” and one is my best friend. However, we decided it would be easier to tell everyone we met that we were all sisters and that me and Olivia were twins… and pretty much everyone believed us. The three of us stayed in an airbnb in east Nashville, which I recommend because it is a close, cheap uber to downtown, but not a ridiculous $500 a night like hotels downtown cost.

We flew from Raleigh; it was a quick hour long flight and the way the time changes from VA to TN, we left at 8 and got there at 8, so that was nice. We got a little excited the first night and stayed out way to late, but we went out and had an absolute blast. Every bar/restaurant/ corner has live music. Most days we just sat in different places, drinking water, listening to the bands. All of them are amazing! Just remember to tip the bar staff and the bands, no matter what you are doing inside (water or not).


We were in Nashville Wedensday night through Monday evening; and I quickly found that I prefer weeknights to weekend nights. More business people/locals will come out during the week; so it is a more inviting, friendly, chill atmosphere. On the weekends, you can barely move, get a seat, get a drink, or anything.


Many bars/restaurants have a rooftop area; I prefer those, especially when it is super crowded, because at least I can breathe (LOL). The music on the rooftops are usually more modern as well. However, no matter your taste, you can find music that you like somewhere. I don’t usually listen to country music, but when you are in Nashville, it just feels right.

Pictured below is the rooftop of the world famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. We found out when we got home that Kid Rock had a pop up performance the day after we left. (of course)



Some of my favorite places to go downtown include:

George Jones Museum

This is the rooftop of the George Jones Museum/Bar/Restaurant. This is one of my favorite day time areas to sit, eat, and enjoy the day.




Legends is the bar where we first went when we got there on Wed. night. We made a lot of friends that night – meaning free drinks! 🙂


Crazytown – (roof top pictured below)

This place has three floors and you get a different style of music on each floor, so its nice to be able to hear different things based on your mood. This is also where some drunk guy decided it would be funny to throw my drink off the roof. – Not cool, don’t be that guy).



Nudies Bar also had three stories and was similar in set up to Crazytown – in that it has  different themes going on at night. Don’t be alarmed by the name – it’s not a nude bar (LOL)


Other Places to Visit:


On our last two days we visited two different plantation styled mansions. Due to our luck, both mansions were closed when we visited. However, both had wineries; so we were good. One was Fontanel and the other was Belle Meade Plantation.

Pictured below is the Fontanel Winery; they also have a distillery, restaurant, and cute shop on site.




Layla’s is where we saw the most incredible fiddle player I have ever seen! We made friends with the bartender there and she took care of us all week!


We spent time in Bootleggers during the day. They had several great bands that we sat and listened to for hours. There was one guy that sounded just like Chris Stapleton – we sat and listened to him for hours!

The Parthenon

This is a replica of the real Parthenon on the outside and an art museum on the inside. It is inexpensive to get into and neat to spend some time.




Wall Art | East Nashville

We went to a few places in east Nashville. This is where the locals hangout. This is also where you can find the iconic “I believe in Nashville” mural.


The End

On the way home our flight was originally late in the evening to begin with, but then it got delayed two or three times. We took advantage of the airport massage bar and happy hour. I always say “I love to travel, but I hate traveling”, but the Nashville airport did have some pretty good amenities. We cheers’ed to a great trip and great friends and said goodbye see you later, Nashville.


This was a long week. I was exhausted, and still am a week later, which is why it took me so long to post this blog. However, it is a great and magical city. Everyone should visit at least once in their life.  Use my Nashville travel guide to help you plan out your trip! I am sure there is tons that I did not write about. If you have any questions about my trip or my experience in the city let me know!

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This is not a sponsored post – All travel expenses were paid for by myself – All opinions are honestly and organically my own.

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